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Battling dust on job sites of all types


Dust can not only be a nuisance, but a safety and health hazard. Dust measured between 1-10 pm can cause lung damage. Knockout is a humectant which is effective in weighing down dust particles and making work environments safe. Knockout will not leave your road surface slippery after application nor will it freeze in colder climates. Knockout is ready to drive over immediately after application. It will not damage soils or surrounding vegetation.


For the application, there are a couple options. The first which we highly recommend is to follow our program designed specifically case by case. This will result in the highest savings and project success. The second option is to spray knockout at the recommended rate. However, results may vary depending on soil type and compaction. Usually the application will last a few weeks without re-applications. Please contact us for more information in regarding our dust control programs.



Knockout dust control agent is derived from fatty acids which are 100% biodegradable. Depending upon the application, light to heavy traffic can immediately continue to travel over the treated area. A standard application will last between 2-6 months, dependant upon environmental conditions and traffic volume.



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CALL US:  1 (208) 733-9689


1 (208) 733-9689